About us

My name is Therese Telepski. I was born in 1954 (sign of Scorpio), have studied economics and am the CEO of Art & Promotion. Therese Telepski

Our eldest son - Marcel - was born in Summer 1997 (sign of Cancer) and ...

Marcel ... already participates in any art work to do ...

The youngest one - Michel - ...

Michel ... joined us in Spring 2001 and even at school is still quite curious.

Gerold Bigorajski

Usually this is agreed upon by their dad (Gerold) (also sign of Cancer).

Some of our private hobby horses are:

Art - Therese organizes exhibitions, Gerold creates computer graphics. He already has shown his graphics at several exhibitions ... Thus vocation and occupation do coincide here.. Bion
Sports - cycling, jogging, swimming. Fahrrad Concerning the bicycle driving Gerold does it even in deepest winter ...
Note Music - we prefer fine (Jazz-) Rock and Folk music. But we're also making music ourselves - guitar, flute and singing. Marcel plays the drums ; -))
Literature - so far Gerold wrote three books of short stories and novels. Favourite topic is Science fiction. Buch
Spaß To learn about people and opinions - I am pleased about each communication and every Mail, even if it means some work to be done. Thus: Simply drop some lines! e-mail